Interview Tips

Be on time and get the right location

Public transport and traffic is never predictable so always allow more than enough time. Aim to be early as there is no harm waiting in a near-by café. If you are unsure how long it will take you, do a practice run and make sure you know where it is you are actually going!

Dress appropriately

Ensure you are well presented and you look smart and professional for any interview. This will give the company the right impression, so wear a suit or something similar.

Have a good night’s sleep

So that your mind is fully functioning, ensure you get a proper night’s sleep and you are fully relaxed and fresh in the morning. Take a bath before bed and have a warm drink to help you go to sleep if you are feeling nervous.

First impressions count

From the moment you walk into the building, you must be polite and friendly to everyone. Just because the person at reception is greeting you, they could still be influential in the company. Smile, look pleased to be there and give a firm handshake to anyone you greet.

Preparation – The Company & Job Role

Research about the company is imperative as you may get asked questions about it. This shows you have done your homework and makes you look like you are interested and enthusiastic about working at that particular company. Also, make sure you know exactly what is required in the job role and what it is you are applying for.

Preparation – The Questions

Practice for the interview but do not memorise or over-rehearse. Get a friend or colleague to do a practice interview with you to get used to being asked questions and how you portray yourself to others. Prepare a list of questions that you think might be asked and plan your answers. A useful tip is to look at the job description – this should enable you to define the qualities the recruiter is looking for and emphasise the skills and experiences that you have which best demonstrate them.

Body language in the Interview

Avoid crossing your arms and legs and do not slouch or lean back in your chair in a lazy fashion. Lean forward slightly to show you are interested in speaking to them. Ensure you have good eye contact with the interviewer and if there are multiple interviewers, never ignore 1 of them. Finally, try not to use hand gestures too much.

Your Questions – The End

Always turn up with a list of questions about what you want to know from the company. Prepare for these, such as ‘How many other people are you interviewing?’ ‘How many staff do you employ?’ or ‘When are you making final decisions?’ etc. It makes you look keen and eager.

An Interview is a 2 way Conversation

It is important to remember that the interview is a two-way process. Although the company is trying to find the best candidate for the position, at the same time you need to use the interview process to assess if you want to work for that company. Try to ascertain if the company culture and philosophy is one that you would be happy to work in.

Work EastRen can carry out practice interviews with you prior to going to an interview so please contact us if you would like this support.