Employability Programmes

CPP Employability Pipeline

East Renfrewshire Council on behalf of East Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership (CPP) delivers the CPP Employability Pipeline Programme. This employability pipeline adopts the 5 stage employability model and offers clients an individualised and structured approach to help them gain the skills and qualifications they need to get a job. This programme is part-financed by East Renfrewshire Council and the European Social Fund programme.

Working Matters

The Glasgow and Clyde Valley City Deal Employment Support Allowance (ESA) support programme, Working Matters, has been designed to assist people to develop a strategy and the relevant skills to secure sustained employment and to become resilient within the labour market. Those assisted will be people who are in receipt of ESA and have undertaken a period of support through the Work Programme (WP).

Scope and Aims

Working Matters is based on a clearly identifiable employability progression model which is designed to provide a strategy, skills and support that will assist people to progress from long term unemployment into sustained work and progress in the workplace and/or wider labour market.

To achieve this aim each Working Matters clients will be assigned a case manager to support the delivery of a customised Working Matters Action Plan.

This is a five stage process ranging from Engagement/Assessment through barrier removal, vocational activity, employment support and in-work progression. However, this is an iterative process which means participants may experience setbacks where any potential progress has to be re-established and continually reinforced. Participants will meet with their case manager on a 2-3 weekly basis.

Employability Fund

This programme provides flexible funding that gives people the skills they need. It aims to help unemployed people to move towards and into work. To do this, the programme helps people develop the skills and confidence employers are looking for. The Employability Fund supports services which have been developed to address the specific needs of local areas.

Skills Development Scotland administers and manages the Employability Fund on behalf of the Scottish Government. It supports the Youth Employment Strategy by delivering over 17,000 new opportunities across Scotland.

Scope and Aims

The programme is aligned to local areas and maximises opportunities for individuals. Local training providers work with employers to understand their skills needs and help them find and train the right individuals. There is a strong focus on work experience and responds to the needs of the individual, while also adapting to employer demands on a local basis. Evidence of individual achievement and progression is important for everyone involved. The Fund can be used to support people to develop the employability and vocational skills they need to make the transition into a Modern Apprenticeship or job.

This CPP Employability Pipeline is a five stage process:

CPP Employability Pipeline 5 Stage Process