Employability Programmes

CPP Employability Pipeline

East Renfrewshire Council on behalf of East Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership (CPP) delivers the CPP Employability Pipeline Programme. This employability pipeline adopts the 5 stage employability model and offers clients an individualised and structured approach to help them gain the skills and qualifications they need to get a job. This programme is part-financed by East Renfrewshire Council and the European Social Fund programme.

Work EastRen Employer Recruitment Incentive

The Work EastRen Regional Employer Incentive Programme is financed by the Scottish Government as part of the No One Left Behind (NOLB) funding stream.  NOLB is for all ages, however it is not for everyone.  It is for those people who without additional support might not make a successful transition into or be able to secure work, further education or training. Everyone participating in No One Left Behind is required to have a Learning Agreement/Action Plan. The individual will participate in a programme of tailored learning and activity based on an assessment of their immediate and future skills needs.

Scope and Aims

This Employer Recruitment Incentive targets support at unemployed East Renfrewshire residents. The goal is to get them into a job or a Modern Apprenticeship. You can get up to £3,000 when your company commits to a new job or new Modern Apprentice (MA). The funding is a contribution towards the additional costs of recruiting a young person during their first 52 weeks of sustainable employment. The incentive is a co-investment in our residents with a view to helping businesses grow. Funding is available on an annual basis to private or third sector organisations. You’ll need to recruit someone who is 16-67 years old and fits one or more of the eligible groups. Only those businesses taking on a person from the East Renfrewshire area are eligible to apply for this grant. These grants are subject to availability and meeting eligibility criteria.

This CPP Employability Pipeline is a five stage process:

CPP Employability Pipeline 5 Stage Process

Parental Employability Support Fund

The Parental Employability Support Fund is a new programme funded by the Scottish Government and provides a more flexible and user-based model of delivery that supports parents in East Renfrewshire into work and addresses in work poverty.

The programme will provide support that is:

  • Person-centred help for parents to address their barriers to work, which might include a lack of skills or work experience, health support, money advice, or motivational support.
  • Help in meeting the increasing challenge of in-work poverty, targeting support to help parents already in jobs support through the provision of training and employability support to remain active in the workplace and gain progression through a rewarding career. The team will also provide confidential income and money advice support. This will include:
  • Benefit checks and help with any claim processes
  • Better off calculations making sure clients get the facts
  • Help with debts, these can be a barrier to work
  • Creation of a bespoke budget for the family
  • Budgeting skills support to ensure long lasting effect


The programme aims to support participants, where families are in or at risk of poverty, to access or progress in work. The programme will provide appropriate and timely support to:

  • Participants, within the targeted family groupings who have the right to live and work in the UK
  • Participants, within the targeted family groupings who require support to access employment
  • Parents, within the targeted family groupings who require support to progress in work

Work East Ren are keen to speak to parents that meet the following criteria:

  • Lone Parents
  • Parents with disabilities
  • 3 or more children
  • Ethnic Minority
  • Youngest child under 1 year
  • Parents age 25 years and less

We can support you with gaining new skills, qualifications and assist with job applications and compiling a CV. If you would like to speak to our team please call 0141 577 8438 or email [email protected]