Completing an Application Form

Application forms are usually presented either in an online format or paper format.

If completing an online application, it can be a good idea to prepare your application in a word document first as this allows you to check spelling, grammar etc prior to putting the information into the actual form.

If handwriting an application form, always complete the form in black ink and write the information in a neat and presentable manner.

Always read the application instructions before attempting to complete an application form.

All applications can be different dependant on the company you are applying to. For example, some applications may have an assessment aspect and others are just looking for the information in a written format.

There are various types of assessments that can be contained with an application:

  • Literacy assessments
  • Numeracy assessments
  • Personality assessments
  • Situational judgement assessment

When completing an application form you should always ensure that all information is relevant and meets the requirements of the job description and person specification.

Here at Work EastRen we can assist you to complete applications or check over applications before you send them to an employer.

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