Developing the Young Workforce

Developing the Young Workforce is a 7 year programme that aims to prepare young people for the world of work and reduce youth unemployment by 40% by 2021.  The strategy focuses on the development of skills for work, as well as life and learning for all young people.

People aged between 16-19 will have the opportunity to undertake a formal activity agreement that will help them to become ready for formal learning or employment. Once an agreement has been signed the young person can apply for an Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA), an EMA is means tested and eligibility will depend on household income.Youth support

Developing the Young Workforce brings together schools, colleges, training providers and employers to ensure that young people are prepared for the World of Work by having access to careers information, high quality work related opportunities and the option of gaining vocational qualifications in school.

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For further information on the Developing the Young Workforce programme please contact 0141 577 3277.