Name of organisation

ERC Education Department


211 Main St
G78 1SY


0141 577 3277


Overview of services

ERC Education is working in partnership with Economic Development, Young Person Services and external partners to offer Learning Agreements that will provide opportunities for young people.

PP is stage one on the Strategic Skills Pipeline and provides tailored activities based on the young person’s immediate and future skills needs. Young people are supported to progress through the pipeline by addressing and removing barriers, identifying a clear pathway towards engagement with learning, training or employment.

Scottish Government recommends a minimum of 3 hours per week engagement and expects a young person to work on developing their Learning Agreement resulting in longer periods of participation. The success of the Learning Agreement is based on agreed milestones and may be added to throughout the period of engagement depending on emerging needs and additional barriers identified.


  • Individual learning programme based on a YP immediate and future skills needs
  • Supporting YP to identify a pathway towards engaging with education, training or employment
  • Various activities such as barista, animal care, budgeting skills and employability workshops
  • Opportunity to access accredited learning such as a Community Achievement Award (in partnership with Young Person Services & Glasgow Kelvin College)
  • Opportunity to access formal learning courses in partnership with adult learning & West College Scotland such as IT, Customer Service Skills or Childcare
  • Opportunity for work placements
  • Supported to engage with other relevant services

Who can we help

  • age 16-19 (or 6 months prior to school leaving date)
  • living in East Ren
  • not engaged in education, training or employment

Referral process

Refer to Charlie Brownlie