PIPELINE STAGE Stage 1. Engagement and Referral Stage 2. Barrier Removal Stage 3. Vocational activity Stage 4. Employer Engagement Stage 5. In work support
Organisation: Barnardo’s
Project Name (if applicable): Barnardo’s Works
Main Contact: Name: Fiona Gibson
Phone Number: 01418846252
E-Mail Address:
Eligibility for Programme: Employability Fund Stage 3 eligible
Referral Procedures: SDS
Location Project Delivered At: 12 Lochfield Road, Paisley PA2 7RG
Dates Project Delivered: Rolling programme
Pipeline Stages: 3
Age Group: 16-24yrs
Programme Outline: All trainees will undertake “Certificate of Work Readiness” during the induction stage of the 13 week programme to assist with their personal development and build their knowledge of the basic skills that employers are looking for. We will link with employers to offer a sectoral approach that leads to real jobs.

Our aim is to ensure that the young people are prepared as well as they can be. The induction element of our programme includes an overview of issues that can affect young people and can have an adverse effect on their employability journey. These can include literacy, numeracy, sexual health awareness, drug and alcohol awareness. Our training includes employer visits as well as talks from employers from specific sectors.

Work Experience (week 3+): Post training, we aim to move each young person into a personally tailored work placement which can take account of their skills and aspirations. We will use our employer base to offer an appropriate placement in key sectors including Energy, Food and Drink, Construction, Admin, Hospitality and Retail. Young people will be supported by a Project Worker each week whilst on work placement, and continue to engage for one day a week with their peers to complete their Certificate of Work Readiness accreditation.

Additional Information: Further information on Barnardo’s can be found at: