Employability in East Renfrewshire

Local Employability Partnership (LEP)

Local Employability Partnerships (LEPs) were set up to drive the employability agenda forward at a local level in authorities throughout Scotland. The East Renfrewshire LEP is made up of representatives from the Council, JobCentre Plus, Skills Development Scotland (SDS), Further Education and Higher Education sectors, the Third Sector Interface and Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP). The LEP will be the strategic employability group for East Renfrewshire and will strive for excellence in the delivery of employability services. It will oversee the development and delivery of the new Employability Strategy for the area to ensure resources and services are appropriate to meet the needs of all service users and support them to achieve positive destinations.

LEP Operational Group

The Local Employability Partnership’s Operational Group will feed into the Local Employability Partnership (LEP) and will strive for excellence in the delivery of employability services. Whereas the LEP is strategic in nature, the Operational Group will be more practical, acting as the forum for the exchange of information, best practice and operational networking.

Remit of the Operational Group will include:

  1. Feeding back to the LEP on relevant operational issues which require further consideration at the more strategic level.
  2. Acting as the forum for the exchange of information and best practice.
  3. Engaging with employers and service users in order to identify supply and demand.
  4. Providing advice and guidance on services to ensure they are suitable for the various service users.
  5. Identifying internal and external funding opportunities.
  6. Promoting Partnership and Employability Services in East Renfrewshire, supporting and developing marketing, branding and accurate labour market information.
  7. Ensuring connectivity with partners’ mainstream initiatives and facilitating linkage to other services.
  8. Providing good practice and communicating to all interested parties.

For further information please contact Work EastRen on:
0141 577 3106 or email [email protected]