Steps to Succeed Training Course To Return in Oct 2018

Walking up steps

Work EastRen have announced that they will run another 'Steps to Succeed' training course in October 2018. The course ran earlier in the year and was fully subscribed. It has proved so popular with the participants that they team are running it again for the last time this year 2018.

The course is aimed at residents of East Renfrewshire who want to take the first steps towards changing the direction of their life. It builds confidence and motivation to help them on this journey.

Feedback from previous participants has been extremely positive. The courses are ran with small groups and are an intensive 1 or 2 weeks long.

Reviews of the course can be found in these case studies; one from Paul* who had become despondent about his life after leaving school, and another from the group that attended the course in June 2018, who found their optimism and confidence had increased as a result of the course.

Read all about their experiences here: Paul's case study. Group feedback.

Find out about the latest course and book your place here.