Working Matters Case Study
Case Study

Working Matters

Are you in receipt of Employment Support Allowance or Universal Credit * and need help to access any of the following:

  • Confidence Building
  • Health Support
  • Holistic Therapies
  • Training and Education
  • IT Skills
  • Volunteering and Work Experience
  • Employment
  • Money Advice

For an informal chat please contact:

Joyce Gallagher, Work EastRen,
Barrhead Foundry, Main Street,
Barrhead G78 1SW

Phone: 0141 577 8438 or Email: [email protected]

Kate had recovered from a long period of ill health and now wanted to set up a business as a self-employed counsellor. She joined Working Matters where she received support and encouragement from the Case Manager. Kate was informed about Business Gateway and attended a number of courses to help with starting up her business.

However there were still a number of start-up costs to be covered and Working Matters and Jobcentreplus were able to provide financial support for essential items. This allowed Kate to start her business and she was so excited when she had her first customer.

Asked about the support she had from Working Matters she said that her Case Manager had been, “a constant support throughout these last few months, helping me put together a CV, helping and advising me on what I should do next, introducing me to Business Gateway, giving me the confidence and knowledge to go self-employed.”

Emma is a lone parent of two children. She has a history of depression and anxiety which had previously been well managed, however with the build-up of money problems her health deteriorated and she struggled to manage her day to day life. When she joined Working Matters she was referred to RAMH for help with her depression and to Citizens Advice Bureau for help with her debt.

Citizens Advice Bureau contacted Emma’s creditors and an affordable payment plan was put into place. Once this was done she felt much happier and managed to find not just one job but two. The first job was temporary working in a deli and Emma was able to work there until she received PVG clearance to start her second job in an after school care service.

When asked how she felt, Emma said that everything is falling into place for her. She has now been in work for over 13 weeks and is doing well.

Names have been changed to protect candidates identity.