STRIVE into Retail Course
Case Study

STRIVE into Retail Course


Iain had worked mostly in security positions for festivals and different events throughout the UK and had recently become unemployed. He needed some support to help him to move into a different sector, so when he received an email from the team at Work EastRen advertising the STRIVE into Retail course it sounded exactly what he was looking for.

This course has given me a new belief in myself and what I can achieve.

The Course

The STRIVE into Retail course consisted of a variety of team building and presentation activities, which improved confidence and prepared candidates to succeed in interviews. Iain felt that the course had brought out a lot of skills in him that had lain dormant and gave him a new belief in himself and what he could achieve. He also received certificates in Food Hygiene, Health and Safety and Customer Service, all of which are great to add to his CV.

The Future

Following the course Iain has secured an interview for a new position that he is extremely excited about. He feels that the course has given him the skills and confidence to succeed in the interview and is looking forward to starting a new career in the retail sector.