Steps to Success Course June 18
Case Study

Steps to Success


Work EastRen help East Renfrewshire residents look for work and vocational training in a variety of ways. Often the most crucial step is to support people to take their first steps and grow in confidence so that they feel better able to make a difference in their lives and start preparing themselves for work. This was true of those who recently took part in Work EastRen’s Steps to Success course in June 2018.

Each of the participants had experienced unemployment for a variety of reasons such as being a carer for a family member, taking time out to raise their children, or had struggled to get back to work after a prolonged period of unemployment. Whatever the reason, all the participants responded positively to the aim of the course, which is to build the confidence and motivation that helps people to make a positive change in their lives.

It gave me the optimism and confidence to believe that I can do this

The Course

The two-week course, based in the Barrhead Foundry, focused on personal reflection and activities that allowed participants to develop their own personal insight and ways to build their self-belief, motivation, and confidence, and make positive changes in their lives. The course looked at:

  • Team Work
  • Employer’s Expectations & Work Ethics
  • Personal Presentation
  • Making the best of your CV
  • Skills Analysis
  • Job search Skills and Techniques
  • Applications
  • Interview tips and techniques
  • Telephone and Email Skills
  • Application & Interview Follow up

One participant described the course by saying “It expanded my vision on what’s out there. It gave me the optimism and confidence to believe that I can do this.” Another participant said “It has helped me to see that it is how I internalise situations that makes the difference. Now I can set myself goals and give myself a positive self-talk. I am my own driver – no-one else”.

The Future

Each participant ended the course by setting the goals they wanted to achieve and had a plan on how they were going to approach it following the course. They ranged from having a focus and plan to go for the type of job they wanted to do, through to applying for an IT course, and to get involved with a local support group. Overall, they all felt the course had been a valuable opportunity for self-reflection and to build a positive mindset to take the steps they needed to improve their future to be successful in their lives and securing a job.