Group who took part in a Work EastRen training course
Case Study

Steps to Succeed Course


The STEPS to Succeed is a course which aims to build the confidence and motivation of individuals who want to take small steps towards returning to work. The most recent programme took place in November 2018 and the participants had range of reasons for finding themselves out of work such as being widowed, health issues, bringing up children, redundancy or simply needing a change in the type of work they had done previously. All had taken the decision that the time was right for them to return to work but needed to build their confidence to be able to do this.

It’s taught me that you don’t have to be stuck. It’s time to focus on the future.

The Course

Work EastRen are East Renfrewshire Council’s employability team and they provide a range of services to help people get into work or training.

The course was described as an ‘eye opener’ by the group as it was much more about self-reflection than help with CV’s or interview skills. It focused on how self-esteem and a positive mind set can help find solutions to problems. The interactive discussions helped the participants to address the barriers in they faced in getting back into the workplace by changing their mind-sets to one of improved self-belief and motivation.

The Future

By the end of the course the participants each had their own personal objectives for what they wanted to achieve in the following weeks This ranged from identifying courses that were of interest, applying for a specific job, or registering for job alerts. Their ambition and expectations were raised, as one of the groups said “I don’t just want to take any job, its not just about getting money. I need some fulfilment and to put the stepping stones in place to get better”.