Specialise in Security - Tommy
Case Study

Specialise in Security - Tommy

Work EastRen Support

Tommy had been out of work on and off for 6 years after he returned to Scotland following working in Africa for 34 years. In September 2017 he successfully completed Work EastRen’s Specialise in Security training course in Barrhead, which included a SIA license (Security Industry Authority).

Back in a steady job with money in my pocket.

The Journey

Mitie interviewed the course candidates in the initial stages of the training and had guaranteed jobs for those who successfully passed the SIA training. Tommy passed and within a fortnight Tommy started working for Mitie on a minimum 36 hours per week as a security guard for Sainsbury’s.

In Employment

Nearing the end of his second month of employment, Tommy works across a variety of shifts and locations in Glasgow. He believes that without the training and access to jobs that Work EastRen’s course provided, he would not be working now. He had found it very difficult to secure anything up to then. His said his new job has given him confidence and is a reason to get up and out every day. He stated,

“I’m delighted to be back in a steady job with money in my pocket”.