Specialise in Security - David
Case Study

Specialise in Security - David


David from Barrhead had originally worked in IT but felt that his knowledge and skills had become out of date in recent years. He had attended various IT upgrading courses but even though he had applied for many positions he had been unsuccessful and felt that his age was a real barrier for him, since he was 59. He had carried out some volunteering work and taken various administrative roles in the care sector and education, with zero hours contracts, but didn’t feel like he fitted in within any sector.

The training and introduction to an employer were, for me, essential.

The Course

David heard about the Specialise in Security course run by Work EastRen and felt that the security industry could offer him a new career. David had tried to get onto other security training courses in the past but was unsuccessful so he was delighted to be offered a place on this course. The course gave David the skills and experience to succeed in the industry along with an SIA (Security in Industry) license, which is a pre-requisite for anyone wanting to work in the security industry.

The Future

Following successful completion of the course and gaining his SIA license, the team at Work EastRen arranged an interview for David with a local employer, which resulted in him getting a job. He is absolutely delighted to be starting in his new career and has ambitions to work in security within museums or art galleries.