Skills for Work, Skills for Life
Case Study

Skills for Work, Skills for Life


Julie lives in Barrhead. She has been unemployed since 2012 due to health reasons and has been claiming ESA. She previously worked within Social Care as a Senior Care Assistant and has a BA Honours in Social Sciences. She wants to take a new direction in her career and would like to return to work part time in a different role. At the moment her lack of confidence and knowledge of the workplace, having been unemployed for a while, are holding her back.

The Outcome

Julie now feels that she is capable and ready to start a new career and has the support of the Work EastRen Team to help over the next few months and support her back into work.

The Course

The Skills for Work, Skills for Life course focuses on identifying skills and qualities that are required in the workplace. Through group work and one to one tutoring, candidates learn to use previous skills and experience in getting a new job. The course also builds confidence and improved Julie’s positive outlook on changing her career and getting a new job.

Applying for the Course

Julie saw a poster for the course in the Barrhead Foundry and called the Work EastRen team for an interview. She was delighted to be offered a place on the course as she thought it could help her to get back into work and give her a change of direction in her career.