Employer in East Renfrewshire
Case Study

Case Study: Recruitment Support for Employers

Employer Requirements

Westlea Care Home is located within East Renfrewshire and their Deputy Manager is responsible for the recruitment of staff. In her experience it is often time-consuming to find candidates with the right mix of skills and attitude to fill the care staff role. Work EastRen were recommended by another employer who had used the service so the Deputy Manager contacted them to see if they could help.

I would highly recommend Work EastRen’s services. They saved us a lot of time and were very successful.

Support From Work EastRen

Work EastRen’s Business Liaison team met with the Deputy Manager and asked lots of questions to understand the type of person the care home wanted to recruit. They then took on the role of promoting the vacancy and managing the applications. They used the criteria provided by the care home to vet the applicants according to the needs of the employer and produce a shortlist. Once finalised, this was passed to the Deputy Manager who then interviewed the potential employees.


The promotion of the vacancy and management of the applications saved the care home a lot of time and was very successful. They recruited five care staff, which is more than they normally would, while also saving a great deal of time in the process.