Strive into Hospitality
Case Study

Strive into Hospitality - December 2016


Jaskooner had worked within the family accountancy business for the last few years, however the family commitments that had kept him there had just ended and he was keen to move into a completely new career. He was extremely interested in getting into the care sector but didn’t have the necessary qualifications and experience to allow him to get a job in that area.

The Outcome

Jaskooner thoroughly enjoyed the Prepare to Care Course and felt that it had given him not only a clearer insight into the care sector but had also given him the qualifications and the confidence to start applying for positions. He was just about to start the work placement and was looking forward to a placement working with young people with addictions. Following this he would be applying for positions and is keen to start working in this challenging and rewarding sector.

The Course

The Prepare to Care course is designed to support individuals who are looking to enter a career in the care sector. The programme provides employability support through various group workshops, one to one advice, provides guidance to devise and implement an action plan and offers training in various subjects within the care sector.

The programme works with individuals to identify and remove barriers, improve motivation and confidence, enhance CVs, provide qualifications and work experience placements. It also provides opportunities to gain sustainable employment that meets skills levels and personal needs.

At the end of the course all candidates receive a 3 week work placement which gives them key insights into the care sector and invaluable experience that will help in securing a care job.

Applying for the Course

Jaskooner had seen a poster for the course at The Foundry, Barrhead and called the Work EastRen team to apply for a place on the Prepare to Care course.