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Case Study

Philip Stobie: employer SERI grant case study


Philip Stobie Plumbing and Heating is one of Glasgow’s recognised plumbing and heating companies undertaking boiler installations, full bathroom suites, power flushing, heating systems, as well as offering energy efficiency improvements to homes within the Glasgow area..

SERI Grant

Glasgow Kelvin College contacted Philip Stobie to enquire if they would be willing to take on an apprentice. They informed the company that they would be eligible for a SERI (Scotland’s Employer Recruitment Incentive) Grant, which would help to pay for the apprentice’s salary.

This would mean that the company could give the apprentice the time and training that they would require to learn new skills for the job, especially in the important first year of doing the job. Philip Stobie worked with the team at WorkEastRen to secure the grant.

How the Grant helped the Business

Philip Stobie took on an apprentice called Aiden from East Renfrewshire, and due to the grant money was able to give him the time to develop his skills and learn about equipment and safety procedures. Teamwork is a large part of this job and the company was also able to give Aiden the time to get to know his fellow workers and build his confidence within the role.

How the Grant helps the Apprentice

The SERI grant gave Aiden the opportunity to work within a business and get the training to build his skills and become qualified, so that in the future he can take on a full time job and build his career. It also gave him the chance to attend college at the same time to develop the academic side of his training.

The Claim Process

Philip Stobie found the claim process to be easy to follow. Once the team at Work EastRen had contacted him there was a short meeting and an easy to follow application form. The payments were timed well and were paid directly into the business account.

The Outcome

Aiden is proving to be an excellent addition to the team at Philip Stobie. He is now experienced enough to be left to do certain jobs by himself, which are then checked by a colleague. He is punctual, polite to clients and has learnt the routine of the business and which equipment to use for different tasks. Due to the support of the team at Work EastRen and the grant money there is a good chance that the company now has a promising employee for the future.