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Case Study

Peaky Window Blinds: Employer SERI Grant Case Study


Based in Barrhead, Peaky Window Blinds have been manufacturing, supplying and fitting all types of blinds from vertical, venetian, roller and wooden since July 2016. They are suppliers of domestic and commercial blinds and have a 3-5 day turnaround with a 5 star rating on their social media sites as a result of customer satisfaction, quality and price.

"I don’t think that we could have got through the process without their expertise.” Steven Clarke, Peaky Window Blinds.

SERI Grant

Steven Clarke from Peaky Window Blinds said “We were hoping to employ a new member of staff and we asked East Renfrewshire Council if there was any support that they could provide. They told us about the SERI Grant and this enabled us to employ Lauren McMillan.”

How the Grant helped the Business

The grant has made a great difference to the business as it has helped to pay Lauren’s wages and has enabled Lauren to gain experience in:

Dealing with customers

Cash handling

Working with cash flow

Helping to manufacture the blinds.

A new member of staff has given the management more time to pursue leads and sales and concentrate on building the business.

The Claim Process

Peaky Window Blinds found the process of applying for the grant fine and help and support has been provided by East Renfrewshire Council.

Work EastRen Team Support

Steven Clarke said “We have had great support from East Renfrewshire Council in the past and from Michael and Gillian since applying for the SERI Grant. This has been provided by e-mails, phone calls and visits to our premises. I don’t think that we could have got through the process without their expertise.”.