Woman who secured job when she registered with Work EastRen
Case Study

Jobs Fair Follow Up


Tas lives in East Renfrewshire and had been out of work for around ten years as she brought up her children. She had been considering returning to work but didn’t know where to start. She searched online for services to help people like her to create a CV and get back to work and found information on the Work EastRen team and how they could assist her back into work. The Work EastRen team have a range of services to help residents at all stages of the journey in their return to work - from confidence building, access to local job vacancies, in-work training and support. She decided to give them a call and arranged a meeting for the following week at a location and time that suited her.

I found the service to be supportive and straight forward. It was easy to use, and the people were friendly which helps you get over that first step back.

The Jobs Fair

The first thing she had help to do was to create a new CV. She then started to receive regular emails from Work EastRen about local jobs and fully funded training courses. It was a flyer about an East Renfrewshire Council Jobs Fair, however, that really caught her attention. It was in a sector she was interested in, located close by, and had part-time jobs available. Tas said “there was no way I would have been aware of the Jobs Fair if it hadn’t been for my contact with Work EastRen”. She downloaded the application form and went along prepared on the day. She applied and was interviewed on the day and within a week had been offered the part-time position.

The Future

Tas is now working in the role she secured with East Renfrewshire Council. She said that the job itself is ideal as it has part-time hours, is local to her and perfectly suits her needs.