Get into Security - James
Case Study

Get into Security - James


James is originally from Ireland and now lives in Barrhead. His background is working mostly in construction but he had been unemployed for a while, so was keen to complete training that would result in him gaining permanent employment. He saw the course advertised in his local job centre and called the team at WorkEastRen to find out more information.

I thought that the course was fantastic for me and I’ve recently secured employment out of it.

The Course

The Get into Security Course, run by Work EastRen, was split into two parts. The first part focuses on building confidence and positivity so that candidates have the ability to succeed on the course and at interviews.

The second part of the course teaches specific skills required to work within the security industry, including conflict management and learning to read body language to diffuse potentially dangerous situations.

The Future

James felt that the course was excellent and had given him the skills and experience to succeed within the security industry. He had carried out a work placement at the end of the course and this had led to him being offered a permanent position as a security officer with a local company.