Modern Apprenticeship Case Study - Donna Kenanoglu
Modern Apprentice Case Study

Donna Kenanoglu

Client Advisor with Work EastRen Employability Services, Environment

Donna's career journey so far

I started my Business Admin Modern Apprenticeship in 2004 and have worked in the Council’s employability services ever since. Just before I completed my Modern Apprenticeship I progressed to a Clerical Assistant. I then progressed to an Advice and Information Assistant and then to a Client Advisor in 2009 which was my goal.

What would you say to employers thinking about recruiting Modern Apprentices?

It’s a great opportunity to train individuals the way they would like them to be trained. The qualification is planned around the job role so the MA learns what they need to know to do the job and complete the qualification.

What made you choose a Modern Apprenticeship?

I enjoyed Administration and Business Management subjects and thought they provided an opportunity to build knowledge and gain skills that could lead to a variety of employment opportunities. I was particularly drawn to a Modern Apprenticeship as I would get to gain work experience and a recognised qualification whilst getting paid.

Do you have any words of advice for young people considering a Modern Apprenticeship?

It’s a fantastic opportunity to earn while you learn! It opens doors for a range of opportunities and forms a solid skill base that is useful in other areas. By taking up this opportunity I have been able to progress to a great job in employability which I love!

What do you feel are the key benefits of the Modern Apprenticeship programme?

The programme allows you to gain a qualification and real work experience at the same time and there are opportunities for progression within the organisation as your experience and knowledge expand as well as opportunities for further training and personal development.