Modern Apprenticeship Case Study

Danii McArthur

Currently working as a Modern Apprentice at Arthurlie Family Centre

Danii's career journey so far

I am currently shadowing and learning from child development officers (CDO) at the Arthurlie Family Centre as I work towards my SVQ qualification and become a CDO myself.

I have learnt so much from my time here and will use the knowledge and experiences gained to further my career opportunities. I am now nearing the end of my time as a Modern Apprentice and I have loved every minute of it.

What would you say to employers thinking about recruiting Modern Apprentices?

Modern Apprentices can be a real asset to employers, often helping to come up with new and different ideas. By taking on a Modern Apprentice you are helping someone to gain valuable work experience and knowledge of their chosen field of work.

What made you choose a Modern Apprenticeship?

I chose to go down the route of a Modern Apprenticeship as I wasn’t looking forward to the prospect of sitting in a college class once I left school as I am more of a hands-on learner. I discovered that by doing an Modern Apprenticeship I would be learning through hands-on experiences with only one day per week of paperwork and formal training.

Do you have any words of advice for young people considering a Modern Apprenticeship?

I would highly recommend an Modern Apprentice course to any young people who, like me, are more of a hands-on learner as the learning environment is enjoyable and you are able to see firsthand the day-to-day running of the field of work chosen.

What do you feel are the key benefits of the Modern Apprenticeship programme?

I have learned the key skills and qualities for becoming an early years practitioner which is a key benefit for my future career in childcare.