Building Sustainable Futures in Construction
Case Study

Building Sustainable Futures in Construction October 2017


David is 48 years old and had worked in a retail environment for the last 26 years, before being unemployed for the 8 months leading up to the course starting. He was really keen to start in a new industry and wanted to move into construction, however he didn’t have any experience or qualifications and was unsure about how to get into this sector.

The Outcome

At the end of the course David had passed all his qualifications and felt that the course had not only given him essential certificates and practical experience, but that it had also given him a new-found confidence to be able to move on in his career and get a job in the construction sector.

The Course

The purpose of this course was to enable participants to enter and sustain meaningful employment in the construction industry or related sectors. The 7 week course was very structured and focused on various practical skills including monoblocking, brick laying, decorating and joinery, giving participants some effective hands on experience and simulating a real working environment. It also included studying for and achieving various certificates, most notably Health & Safety Level 1 and the CSCS Card, which are a prerequisite to allow participants to work on a construction site.

Applying for the Course

David heard about the course through a flyer that was delivered to his house in Barrhead. Having read the flyer he realised that the course was ideal for someone like him who had no construction qualifications but who wanted to get into the sector and gain some valuable experience at the same time.