Case Studies

Employer in East Renfrewshire

Case Study: Recruitment Support for Employers

This is a case study of how East Renfrewshire Council's employability team Work EastRen supported a local employer to recruit new staff.
Care experience young person

Megan: Work Opportunities for Care Experienced Young People

This is a case study of how East Renfrewshire Council's Family Firm programme, which helps care experienced young people find work opportunities, supported Megan to utilise her skills in Hairdressing to achieve her ambition and start her own business.
Male Modern Apprentice in Childcare with kids in nursery

Ross: Case Study in Early Years and Childcare Modern Apprenticeship

Leanne recently found employment

Leanne: Supported into Employment Case Study

smiling Syrian refugee who was assisited to find work and training by Work EastRen

Iyad: Assisting the Syrian Community into Employment

Group who took part in a Work EastRen training course

Case Study: Steps to Succeed Course Nov 2018

Woman who secured job when she registered with Work EastRen

Case Study: Jobs Fair Follow Up

Natalie Completed Retail training course

Natalie: Retail Sector Training Case Study