Youth Employment Activity Plans (YEAP)

In June 2012,  following the launch of Opportunities for All, the Scottish Government published Scotland’s Youth Employment Strategy detailing their commitment to providing more opportunities for young people. Youth Employment Activity Plans (YEAPs) are one part of the Scottish Government’s guarantee to ensure local service provision is aligned to meet the needs of young people.

The aim of the YEAP is to help all our young people to fulfil their potential by developing the essential skills for life, learning and work, thereby improving outcomes for learners and employers alike. This will be achieved by:

  • Identifying the nature of youth unemployment locally including particular concentrations or hotspots.
  • Identifying labour market activity, trends and projections, together with the skills young people require to access and sustain employment opportunities.
  • Mapping and evaluating youth learning and employability provision against the strategic skills and employability pipeline stages 1-5.
  • Broadening our understanding of the barriers facing young people and ensuring access to appropriate provision for those requiring additional support.
  • Highlighting gaps and agreeing specific actions to refocus provision according to need, as part of the wider East Renfrewshire Employability Strategy.
  • Monitoring progress and adjusting actions to reflect the ongoing needs and aspirations of young people, in line with emerging local labour market trends

East Renfrewshire Youth Employment Activity Plan – Pipeline Stages

PIPELINE STAGE Stage 1. Engagement and Referral Stage 2. Barrier Removal Stage 3. Vocational activity Stage 4. Employer Engagement Stage 5. In work support
CLIENT STATUS Not job ready Not job ready Job Ready Job Ready In Work
PROVISION Work EastRen Employability Services
Skills Development Scotland
Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire (VAER) VAER
Voluntary Action – Saltire Awards
Young Person’s Services
Citizens Advice
East Renfrewshire Credit Union
Activity Agreements
Adult Learning
Young Enterprise Scotland
Impact Arts
Library and Information Services
West College Scotland
East Renfrewshire Business Gateway
Community Jobs Scotland
Street League
Access to work (JCP)
Rathbone Third Sector Challenge Fund
Rathbone – Employability Fund
Glasgow Training Group
Foundation Apprenticeships
EXAMPLES OF ELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES Early engagement activity Barrier Removal and Confidence Building Activity Vocational activity Employer Engagement and job matching activities Support to help employee retention, including upskilling/workforce development
Identification of needs ESOL Job search advice Training, mentoring and supporting men and women into occupations or sectors where their gender is under represented Initiatives to encourage development of vocational skills among low-skilled and low-waged individuals
Development of action plan Literacies Work experience placement Apprenticeships
Specialist and non-traditional employability provision (eg debt, financial, homeless) Activities to raise awareness of enterprise and entrepreneurship High level business and management skills
Vocational rehabilitation Accredited pre-employment training for core skills (eg IT) Training to support business start up (particularly for groups under-represented at managerial levels)


This project is part financed by the European Social Fund.